Nothing is half-assed in the Midwest

Currently waiting to see what Mother Nature is bringing tonight.  Under a severe thunderstorm watch…possible winds of 60mph….

Sometimes people make fun of those of us who hail from the Midwest thinking we are behind the times (racist, fashion-challenged, morally and politically conservative, poor infrastructure)…you get the picture.

But it takes some guts to live out here.  I grew up with tornado sirens consistently going off every spring. I remember as a child one particular May afternoon the winds were so strong  (no tornado action on this one) but the winds were pretty gusty, shifted the roof of our home.  And mom was off in her room praying the rosary.  Us kids..well..we were used to all of this.  Growing up we dealt with blizzards, tornadoes, floods…just par for the course.

But these past few months?


However, most of us out here “in the sticks” are made of strong stock but please Mother Nature…give us a break.


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