Cultural diversity and other rants

You know how you have friends who forward emails to you (some you like others you delete just by reading the subject line) anyway, a friend of mine decided to send me (A mixed raced woman) an email about how the US should vote for English as the only language to be spoken in the USA, that there should be no cultural influences other than what is allowed in the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. Needless to say I emailed him back and asked him did he know WHAT he was sending me because I didn’t care too much for the content of said email.

I love the fact America is so culturally diverse. 

We are the land of opportunity (at least we were) but a person can still make a good living here if they have that fire from within to keep pushing forward (a trait Americans are known to have) and which I will continuously defend. I have read a lot of America bashing (especially after 9/11) and am sick and tired of it.

In regards to the email, I believe anyone who lives here must abide by the rules established by law and respect our Constitution.  With that said it galls me to no end there are individuals who want to stamp out the cultural identities of those people who call themselves Americans.  Growing up and having to deal with racist comments and acts I always had to deal with the stupidity of these people who couldn’t open their eyes to the possibility there was more than one color to the human race. We have to all share this planet together and I find that we are not the best caretakers for it (but that’s a topic for another day).

 So, before you forward another email please step back and think about what exactly you are sending because it might not be “quite appropriate” for the person on the receiving end.

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