It’s another day at Wild Kingdom

Being a pet owner proves to be a challenge some days.


Case in point–my Cairn Terrier who is still “puppyish” has quite the energy, especially chasing my cats (poor babies).  She is forever after them. I swear I can see a glimpse of a mischievous smile while Simba (with a scowl) gives chase in order to get within reach for a good swipe with the claws.

(And I have to step in).

Right now all pets are behaving (including mom’s Scottish Terrier Lexy) while here on a visit.

There are days when I feel like WHY did I get these animals then I remember how much each one gives back to myself and my daughter in their unique way.

However….there are days I come home from work stressed or fatigued and my pets remind me of all that is innocent and good…yes they are a huge responsibility—-when you take on a pet you are responsible for their health and overall well-being.

When a person decides to bring an animal into their home they need to understand what is involved in keeping a pet. Sadly we all know there are people who mistreat animals in the most inhumane way. It appalls me to no end seeing animals abused in such heinous ways.


It’s perplexing, at least to me, seeing a dog, cat, or other type of pet either starved to death, beaten, or tortured….I stopped watching certain shows on Animal Planet because of the anger and sadness I felt regarding the stories behind the abuse. Though I do know these stories are desperately in need of being told.

If you feel that you cannot give 100% to your pet, that their antics are more troublesome to deal with than to try to teach discipline; then at the very least give it to a no-kill shelter or try to find a good home for them. They didn’t ask to be brought into your home. YOU are the responsible party.

When I brought Wendy home from the shelter I knew what I was getting into.  Dogs are vastly different than caring for cats. Cats pretty much for the most part are quite self-sufficient as long as you provide adequate food and water along with a clean litterbox.  Dogs…well, they are completely dependent on you (especially indoor ones) for their care.  I have seen families who tie up their dogs outside (where the animal primarily lives) and wonder about the quality of life.  Are these pets receiving adequate attention or are they, as I have also seen, mostly left to their own devices with no external stimulation?

All I can say for myself is that I try to be the best “mom” for my pets and give them a good life.



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