The Miracle of Pets

It is a known fact that pets can help their owner in so many ways:

  • Emotional bonding
  • Eases depression
  • Reduces stress
  • Staves off loneliness

I think the reason our pets are very popular here in the US is that they don’t pre-judge us. There’s that unconditional love which comes from loving Fido.

Those of us who suffer from chronic pain (such as fibromyalgia or arthritis) our pets truly are a godsend gift.  Sometimes there are those bad days when the pain is emotionally difficult to deal with.  I have noticed when I interact with my pets (i.e. playing with them or petting) the pain dissipates.  Why? I have no idea but I simply reap the rewards.

This newsletter shares stories from various pet owners of how their four legged family members have eased their pain in more ways than one and will share one heartfelt recount:

I have a mixed breed rescue dog, Baron, who has been my life saver on days of pain and depression. With the many symptoms of Fibromyalgia, he just seems to know when I am at my worst. I am one of those, who suffer the debilitating pain. When I am at my lowest Baron senses it and seems to need less from me; Less walks, less potty breaks, less playfulness.

Recently in a very bad flare-up, I was crying for days. Id had a bad holiday and nothing could snap me out of my depression and weepies. My meds were increased, I was sleeping more, had no appetite, and nothing helped me shake off my depression. Baron would come into my room and sit and wait for my invitation to hop onto our bed. Some days, I just didn’t care. He would lie patiently on the floor next to the bed.

One day in particular, my legs were giving me a harsh time with muscle spasms. Baron sensed it from my frequent yelps of painful stabbing pain. Finally, he jumped onto the bed and laid down right beside me, contorting his body so, that he straddled my legs. The warmth of his body against my legs seem to soothe them. Eventually, my pain decreased. He laid in bed with me all day, as I watched movies and slept. He never left my side. Baron, I think is my guardian angel. I am forever grateful that by rescuing him, maybe, I was rescuing myself!
Shelley Echtle


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