Sometimes you have to learn when to let go so as to save your own sanity.

I have told friends and family before if you are involved in a toxic relationship that leaves you with a bad taste in your mouth why do you continue punishing yourself by remaining in IT?

Sometimes people are comfortable living with something they are used to instead of striking out on their own.  They are afraid of the unknown

….ending up alone….

But let me ask you this:

Would you rather be alone and happy or in a toxic relationship and lonely?

Some people would much rather be in a bad relationship than try to strike out on their own…they cannot even begin to think about being without someone even if it is to the detriment to their long-term happiness.

I would much rather be alone and happy…living in the moment than stuck in a dead-end relationship where I am being disrespected.

Doesn’t compute with this Latina.

And it shouldn’t with you!

But if you find someone who takes your breath away…is your mirrored compliment hold on to them…if they make you laugh, dream–their smile lights your day it’s like living in the moment.  You deserve the best life has to offer including someone who will be there good times and bad…who will share their moments and be your safety net when you fall…we all have strength but sometimes it’s nice to have someone who is there to pick you up during your lowest moments and, of course, share in the brightest of times.


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