Getting motivated…

Being up in the am before it’s TIME to get up can really bite…insomnia really is a torture of the senses.

In a few hours will be heading to a motivational seminar downtown paid for by my work. Distinguished guest speakers will include General Colin Powell, Laura Bush, Rudy Guilliani, Kurt Warner, Steve Forbes and a few others. Am sure security will be tight so leaving early.  Quite a few people were chosen to attend this event…I was on top of the list (helps to answer your emails as quickly as they come)

Motivation is usually not a problem for me.  The military taught me how to seek inner strength and to be resilient during difficult times.  One of the best character traits that can be taught (or can it?) which the military gave me (or maybe I already had it) was to look deep within myself and find a reason to keep pushing forward.  I cannot understand how people go through their lives living on auto-pilot.  If I had done this I would never had made it in the military, as a single parent and as a college graduate.  You have to find something in life to give a damn about.  Whatever that is…hold on to it and make it work for you…..

….Now if I can get some sleep!


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