In the light of day

Watched KSDK today and was appalled at the utter devastation to the Saint Louis area.  I live near Bridgeton and Maryland Heights. Both faced damages…subdivisions completely wiped out…my heart goes out to these communities.

Rain is predicted for the next few days and flooding in the low lying areas is a real possibility.  Midwestern weather is no joke.

Though people say that these are just homes, material things can be replaced it still hurts to lose things you worked hard for.  I cannot imagine being left homeless like these individuals are facing. Insurance is great but in the light of day when you are faced with your life in ruins sometimes words are of little comfort.

I never thought a tornado would ever touch down in an urban setting. Growing up in rural southern Indiana I understood that tornadoes were a yearly fact of life.  Luckily I never had to face such utter devastation and hope never to do so.

When natural disasters happen what comes out of such grief is the constant reminder of compassion and humanity found in average individuals who wish to give back a little piece of themselves to those whose lives were turned upside down by the wrath of Mother Nature.


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