Potential Government Shutdown

I find it sad yet laughable Congress will still be sitting pretty knowing their paycheck is safe while thousands of US Federal employees wait to hear whether or not we report to work this coming Monday….and quite appalling thinking that our servicemen and women overseas at the front are fighting while their families back home wonder if a paycheck will be coming in so that bills can be paid and food bought.

What I find disgusting are comments made by fellow Americans who feel that we federal workers are overpaid and I quote….”lazy.”


How about coming to the National Archives and seeing what we do.  I have discussed time and time again on this blog how busy my job keeps me. There is NO downtime unless our server goes down and even then we are expected to find something to do. Many technicians churn our 6,000 cases or more a year.  Such casework benefits a veteran in some way or provides genealogical information to a family member or interested member of the public.

So, before anyone sits and judges us for what we do remember that a lot of government agencies were established for a reason. Yes there is quite a bit of pork barreling going on, special interest groups who have louder voices than others (and which need to be tempered…hmmmm Mr. Oil Man?)


2 thoughts on “Potential Government Shutdown

  1. This budget standoff is getting sad. The little people will get hammered while the big dogs stand pat. And in Wisconsin, the public workers are getting hammered by Republicans who want to take away their bargaining rights. Sad!

  2. One thing is for sure…we can’t as a nation continue like this with sky high gas prices, a sluggish economy and living on borrowed $$$….the middle class is suffering.

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