Xenophobia at its best

I have been reading a couple of CNN articles regarding the growing population of Hispanics in the U.S. According  to this article, the US Census shows we Hispanics are now the majority “minority” population of over 50 million. I read the article and as always the comments…never saw so many racist posts in my life.  Just because the Hispanic population has grown doesn’t mean we are all illegals. (And just a side note….the illegals that are here typically take on jobs Americans thumb their noses at)….the “good” jobs are being outsources and until that is regulated and Americans unite and protest this practice don’t place all the blame on a minority group which has been a scapegoat for America’s ills for many years.

Seems that racism will continue to be alive and well in the world’s “melting pot.”

The article briefly delves into the reason why the population has surged. Part of it deals with many women being of child-bearing age. Hispanics typically practice Catholicism which we know frowns on birth control.  From what I have seen and read, Hispanics also tend to be quite devout Christians.

What bothers me is that a lot of the comments I read really were quite cruel.  Seems we Hispanics are only of ONE ethnic group…Mexicans….forget that there are other Latin American nationalities…..I have vented before about this.  People asking me if I speak Mexican, eat tacos etc….irregardless that I am of Puerto Rican origin and tacos are not part of the Puerto Rican cuisine.

Seems like some people don’t know how to grow up.

Xenophobia is still alive and well here in the USA. Though in our defense have to say the melting pot scenario would never happen with other homogeneous countries that frown upon “race mixing.” And until they accept other “races” I feel at least…they do not have a solid foot to stand on.

In the end we have to try to get along because we all have to share this planet together as one race.

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