Being a responsible pet owner

I am an animal lover. Grew up with all sorts as a kid. We had ducks, various dog breeds, then there was my American grandfather’s farm. I knew I would eventually become a pet owner myself and as I sit her my Cairn Terrier, Wendy is draped over my right arm gazing at me with worshiping eyes.

Of course this is after she tore threw a plastic eyeglass case she found…..and predictably I was angry but it’s also a sign she’s in need of a walk, (which she will get) some kind of distraction because she is a working dog. Carin Terriers were used in Scotland hundreds of years ago to chase vermin on farms.

A responsible pet owner will make the time and effort to entertain their pets, take care of them, love them and give a good quality of life. A few years ago I visited a humane society shelter (also a kill-shelter) and knew that some of those former pets, strays would eventually be euthanize and had to leave.

The Cairn Terrier


Do you research before investing in a pet. Don’t buy a rambunctious work animal such as a Border Collie or Siberian Huskies unless you are able to keep it busy because these are highly intelligent animals…you will have your work cut out for you.                                                                     KNOW YOUR BREED!

What kind of a dog life is it when your pet is constantly on a leash?  I have gone walking with my dog and day and day out see forlorn dogs chained up in the back yard and know of owners who rarely spent any time with their pet….my question is…then why have it? Dogs are social creatures, just like us and don’t deserve that kind of treatment.

I stopped watching the variety of Animal Planet’s rescue shows because it was far too upsetting.  Seeing abused animals, starving, full of infestation, neglected in all mannerisms.  Just atrocious.

So, think twice before investing money or a part of your life into an animal unless you are willing to give time and a part of your heart to this potential companion.


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