The New Face of America

Was thumbing through some of CNN’s headline stories today and clicked with trepidation on one article:  Is America Becoming a Hispanic Country? I didn’t know what to expect considering some of the generic feelings some people have in my country regarding Hispanics, or more importantly…Mexicans.

As I have previously discussed on my blog, I grew up with Midwestern racism.  My fellow highschool students were basically taught to fear people/things different than themselves. I remember in the 4th grade when some of my classmates found out I was half Puerto Rican (they initially thought I was Japanese) until I corrected them. My 4th grade teacher was enthralled and had me present to my class and 5th graders a visual presentation of the Puerto Rican culture. So I began public speaking at an early age.  🙂

The new face of America (me)

According to the news’ article on Hispanic population growth:

In the 33 states for which data has been released so far, there are almost 600,000 more Hispanics than previously thought. Twenty-eight states had more Hispanics than expected. And, while the current count is 38.7 million Hispanics, there is still data coming from 17 states, making it likely that the final figure could surpass 55 million, or 17% of the U.S. population.

As the article insinuates….Americans are becoming fearful of the demographic change because the country IS indeed changing.  America is a melting pot and with interracial dating and marriages the distinction of “races” may become a blur in the not so far distant future.


Personally, I embrace all forms of culture as long as there is a distinction of what cultural/religious practices are acceptable and do not interfere with the basic tenants of the Constitution; because from what I understand, there are certain sub-cultures within the USA that desire to change basic laws to meet the requirements of their religion.  Doing that, at least for me, would open up a whole new can of worms that could disrupt the social order.   We all have to assimilate to a certain degree in our chosen country (whether by birth or immigration.)

I digress but I knew this day would come. In college statistics already showed that Hispanics would eventually become the primary minority population by 2050. I understand about retaining cultural characteristic because it makes us unique when we number in the billions on this planet but I like to think of humanity coming in many wonderful different flavors and we simply need to find a way to try to get along and embrace this uniqueness we each carry.

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