Being a mother

No matter how old your child is there is a part of you (at least for us mothers) who wishes they could be little again. When our children face adult problems we wish we could solve them as easily as when they came home crying that Johnny picked on them during recess.

Being a parent is a role I cherish and someone I wanted to be since I was a child, playing with the dolls: barbie, baby, maybe a few of my brother’s toys thrown in.

It seems sometimes we wish our children’s lives away…from the ending of the diaper change, first smile, first tooth, walking….getting them to say their first word. Then it’s off to kindergarten, first grade and pretty soon it’s parent/teacher conferences, and the prom…high school graduation–getting them into college, and now for my child’s college graduation.

Don’t ever wish their childhood away…enjoy being a mother–savor it. I did and still do.


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