Spring is almost here!

I am not much for winters (except for enjoying the ocassional hot chocolate and cable knit sweaters) but Spring is definately my time of the year because color returns to Nature. I can venture outdoors and enjoy such places as Creve Coeur Lake and Forest Park

The sensation of life renewing itself hangs in the air. Birds singing, flowers blooming…

I bought my dog last year to help me with my shyness in venturing out to the parks on the days my daughter does not want to accompany me.  Having Wendy as my companion is wonderful.  I can go on these walks/runs and actually enjoy them because I have my companion and she don’t ask me to “slow down” or “hurry up!”  Dogs are faithful friends simply content to be by your side, enjoying the outdoors with you.

I guess without Winter one cannot truly appreciate the colors of Spring.


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