45th Anniversary

My parent’s anniversary is coming up.  45 years. Mom has lived more years in this country than on her native soil. She left Puerto Rico at 27 and made America her home ever since.

Mom and dad dated roughly 7 months and married on the 8th. Chaperoned the entire time.

I’ll always remember dad’s nick names for mom, she was and always will be:  “his brown eyes, and brown eyed import”. When mom visits him in hospice he grabs to kiss her hand, tears in his eyes….it’s difficult to see a parent like this. I always remembered dad as this huge bear of a man, healthy and full of vigor. Loved his motorcycles, fishing, boating.  A man of the outdoors. Tinkering on his ’67 Mustang GT, the garage was his domain.

His birthday is also coming up. Celebrating 68 years.  Happy early birthday dad.

2 thoughts on “45th Anniversary

  1. I just don’t see couples lasting this long any more. I totally understand divorces that are based on abuse and infidelity but what happened to trying to work things out?

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