Hispanic culture verses the WASP

Sometimes I have a full-blown battle going on inside of me because of being mixed.

My Hispanic side rebels against the fact that my daughter should automatically leave the nest at 18. While my WASP side (though I did not grow up Protestant but Roman Catholic due to the heavy influence of my mother’s religious convictions and dad’s apathy towards anything remotely related to it) rebels against the fact my daughter has grown comfortable still living at home.

I say that only because my daughter needs to have the necessary tools to survive in this society.  America is all about being individualistic (and trust me I respect that because I greatly value my independence)….so kids really need to be taught at an early age about responsibility and gaining a marketable skill.

Don’t get me wrong, WASP types of families do love their children, of course they do and would be stupid of me to say they did not but I do feel and see a difference when it comes to WHEN children are expected to break free.  In addition, in a typical Hispanic family it is preferable for the young women to remain at home until marriage (yeah sounds old-fashioned) but all in all I would prefer that my daughter remain at home until either 1.) She finds a stable job and moves out with reliable friends or 2.) moves out when she marries.

The Hispanic family normally has a large network of parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins (second and third ones at that) who rally together for their blood and this passion for one another really appeals to me.  I always see Hollywood and the general media knocking down Hispanics. We are either a.) drug dealers b.) maids c.) troubled youth d.) prostitutes e.) single mothers or f.) illegals. These people forget that we come from different backgrounds.  That we are more than what the general society THINKS we are.

Like I said…it is difficult to overcome the stereotypes already in place out there.  Open your eyes….think for yourself.


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