Creature Comforts

Sometimes it’s nice just to stay at home and relax watching a favorite movie (just finished watching To Sir With Love) starring Sidney Poitier.  There’s something to be said about lounging in one’s jammies, drinking hot chocolate((and marshmallows) no worries, wrapped up in your favorite blanket on the couch when it’s cold outside and knowing tomorrow you have a free day off (federal holiday-Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday.)

I think having down time like this really is good for the soul.  You can recharge the batteries, be lazy for a little while and forget about the world, if only for a few hours.


One thought on “Creature Comforts

  1. I absolutely love the movie To Sir With Love. There were so many actions and words that spoke volumes! I rember when Sidney Poitier threw the books in the garbage because he thought out of the box and realized that those young people were getting ready to go out into the world and they were definitely not ready to out and confront it. The scene when he cut his finger and one of the students said, “Red blood!” The girl responds. “What did you expect idiot ink?” The death of mother of one of the students and when he had the boxing match with one of the students. I have seen some young people since I have been back to the states that could use a lesson in life skills i.e., manners, current events etc. I cried at the end of the movie because I realized what an major impact he made on the lives of those kids! They realized it too. What did he do that was so special? He cared! Is that what is missing today? What are the Sidney Poitiers of today? Maybe if someone cared at the Community college that young man i.e., go him some mental help maybe 6 people would still be alive today. Thanks so much for writing about that movie. It brought back a lot of good memories. Enjoy your time off. I am sure you deserve it.

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