A word/action most mothers and women know about.  I had to do that yesterday when it came to my military career. It was either reenlist now and be deployed (irregardless that dad is in hospice) or wait until he passes and reenlist and then be deployed. 

I was taught and do still believe family comes first and have sacrificed quite a bit when it came to my military career. First came when my daughter was a year old and I left active duty because I was in the field so often, that I barely got to see my daughter and felt this wasn’t the environment for her to grow up in.  I learned to reroute my ambitions differently. Took longer but I did it.

There is no question in my mind that my family’s needs come 1st right now.  Mom is about to lose her soulemate of almost 45 years and for me to be gone right now is out of the question.

It (deployment) will happen this year…but will be on my terms. Mom/Dad comes first.


2 thoughts on “Self-Sacrifice

  1. Thanks Italian Heart. I display part of my life here because other people are going through the same thing (dealing with elderly parents). Some of us end up becoming a parent TO our parents. I love my country very much and Uncle Sam held my heart since I was 17 years old. Right now I have to focus one day at a time and simply put on hold my own aspirations until the time is right to move forward.

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