“You’re Hispanic so that MUST mean…”

…that you’re illgal or your parents were or you’re Mexican.

I am honestly concerned over the IQ of some people who are so narrow-mindedly focused on such hateful things.  Why is it that there are individuals who automatically assume if you are of one ethnic class that you fit in with their stereotypical beliefs of what you “should” be.

I am not illegal

My mother did not come into this country illegally

And I am not Mexican.

People will ask me:  “Do you speak Mexican?”


Where did you go to school?  Because from what I understand there is more than ONE Latin country where people speak Spanish and have their OWN cultural hertiage AND history.  And here’s another history lesson for you folks who have questions about Puerto Rican citizenship. They ALSO  retain American citizenship and have for many years. Hmmm, say since 1917 through Woodrow Wilson .  Puerto Ricans acquired U.S. citizenship under 8 U.S.C. 1402, which is part of the U.S. Immigration and Nationality Act.

And for your information yes we do eat alot of rice but we also have a variety of dishes that in no shape or form resemble the taco or the refried bean. I am not downplaying Mexican heritage here but rather outlying a simple clarification that the Hispanic culture is diverse.  Think of say Europe and the many different countries there with their own cultural mileus:


get it?

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