A curio’s story

Since I was a little girl I admired my mother’s curio cabinet filled with her delicate bone china with it’s purple flower pattern.  I dreamt of one day inheriting said cabinet and filling it with my own china.

Then down the road I came to admire mom’s china and she relented and gave it to me.  Well, the wedding china is still with her but I did get the purple.  Mom knew I loved that curio since forever and now it’s mine and am leaving tomorrow to pick it up with a friend.

Though I never thought exactly of the circumstances surrounding HOW I would gain my dream I am glad it will not be going into some stranger’s home because that would bother me very much.  Now she will sit with pride in my own little home and one day be passed along to my daughter and so on and so forth shall it travel through time and hopefully receive the same admiration it did all those years ago.


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