Clipping those coupons

A lot of Americans are tightening their belts. Gas prices are high (when you remember filling up your tank for $12.00)–it’s high…consumer goods are on the rise, as a federal employee my salary is frozen…so as you can see someone like myself can become a little frustrated at the turn of events.

I never have been one to clip coupons. I find it time consuming and frankly boring but a friend of mine introduced me to this website which contains massive amounts of deals I simply could not pass up. I also passed this along to my coworkers because we all are struggling to keep our head above water, and now I have passed on the savings to my readers.

I know that my country/society consumes a lot of natural ressources, along with goods and services.  It shows in our lifestyle and overall health.  We need to really do an overhaul on how we live our lives and one of them is where we spend our money and what we put in our mouths.  Me, I want cleaner living (stress free would be nice) and simply appreciating the salary I make working for Uncle Sam.

I used to keep a blackboard regarding my monthly expenses and that’s how I was able to buy my home…now with the knowlege that for the next year or so I won’t receive a cost of living raise I will have to become creative with my $$$$.

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