Those ASPCA commercials

ASPCA commercials typically really get to me and give me pause. I will usually shed a tear or two.  It bothers me seeing animals treated in such a deplorable manner by “people” who have no business owning a pet. Animals give back so much. Unconditional love…how can you put a price on that? I enjoy my animals all 3 of them. If I felt I didn’t have the capacity or patience to ensure they lived happy and healthy lives I would have never once thought about getting one. My 2 cats are pretty much maintenance free. They are independent, they have a litterbox (the Litter Robot-which is awesome) and are quite “delicate” and practically hands free regarding care. However, I am a hands on owner and love cuddling especially with Simba which I bought from an Illinois farm. Wendy, my Cairn Terrier is a different story. She was a shelter dog and there is more work/effort involved raising a puppy. Though I grew up with dogs actually owning one and caring for it 24/7 is a different story. No parents to the rescue here. However, I love her and could not even imagine giving her up. Potty training is still an issue so we are extending the crate training.

It takes patience to raise a pet and if you don’t have it——do NOT take one into your home. It isn’t fair to that animal. Let it go with someone who has done their research and has patience and compassion, which that animal rightly deserves.


I can NEVER understand how people will invest money for a pet or accept one only to mistreat it (physically hitting it, not feeding it, or simply torturing).  Makes me want to put these people in a small room and give them a piece of my mind…or better yet-put these monsters in a room full of pissed off cats and dogs who faced such abuse let them have it:



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