Words are powerful


I love you


You don’t exist to me any more

Remember in grade school when kids would pick on “that kid” their words could really bite.  For me it was being called names, in particular racist names from wetback to half breed. I always told them if they were going to be racist to at least get the name right. Wetbacks were reserved for Mexicans and Spics for Puerto Ricans. At least try to get it right.

Or how about when someone speaks those three wonderfully precious words:  “I love you” how it makes your heart jump, the world seems brigthter, the glass is half full.

Great novels have been written moving the human heart.  Words have started wars….and ended them.

Sometimes people can say things without thinking…i.e. putting their foot in their mouth. Not a pleasent feeling.  People really need to be careful with what they say.  Those words can carry a powerful punch.  Words can encourage or tear a person down.

The tongue of a man is his sword and effective speech is stronger than all fighting.

Author: Unattributed Author
Source: The Husia of Ancient Egypt, translation by Maulana Kaurenga


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