The power of forgiveness

Sometimes I wonder why God allows people to bear a drawn out illness such as what my father is experiencing…because it’s painful to watch him deteriorate knowing how strong he used to be.  This was a man who loved the outdoors, was handy around the house, and when young, the epitome of health.

Now he is a shell of a man. A shadow.

So, trying to come to terms with his impending death I wonder why God has allowed him to continue as he has with his dementia robbing him of his dignity and his heart slowing giving out. And I wonder if it’s so his children can find it in their hearts to forgive him of transgression past so we all can move on as a family.

No marriage is perfect, or parents.  This life is chalk full of momentous occasions and life altering decisions.  What family doesn’t have issues?

I know that for us kids at least, we have moved on and are ready to face the future without dad and pray that God grants him the serenity he deserves, the peace that is long overdue.


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