The American Work Ethic

Americans are known as hard workers and well, the stress level we endure because of it shows in our health care system.

I for one value my work ethic and expect people to maintain the same type of ideal. (Now this doesn’t mean not knowing to have fun).  I feel if you work hard there is nothing at all wrong with enjoying the fruits of one’s labor.  I just have an aversion to individuals who are highly irresponsible (fiscally and otherwise).

Since I was 12 years old (being the neighborhod babysitter) I have worked.  And now when retirement is about 20 years away I honestly wonder what kind of retirement I will have. Would I be content simply globe trotting the world or would I find another way of being useful? I have thought about this since God…when I was a’re talking to someone who had her life planned out since she was 15 years old. I knew I was going to join the Army and I knew the federal government was going to be my employer of choice. There was NO deviation from that.

More than likely volunteering somewhere will fulfill my sense of duty…and I do get bored easily.  I think allot of retirees feel unfulfilled at times once they no longer have to punch the time card.  They want a sense of purpose. Some find it in their grandchildren, others bury themselves in hobbies but me…I just want to keep busy.  I take after my dad like that. I feel bad that he could not enjoy his retirement as he so rightly deserved. Dad worked hard all of his life and I remember sometimes he would work 15 hour days at his job with Indland Container (I did a three month factory stint there and GOD was that hard work!)

One thing I wish dad could have had was an honest to goodness retirement instead of spending most of his years (last five) in and out of hospitals, doctor’s appointments, pills, you name it.  And finding my own little nirvana at 62 is what I plan to do.


2 thoughts on “The American Work Ethic

  1. I like how you think. I saw my father work his whole life and got very sick at the end of his life and died. He really never enjoyed it but my father showed me what it was to be a tireless worker. I don’t see that from young people of today.

  2. Thanks 🙂 I am a hard worker and I love doing it but at the same time I think you have to balance your life, set your priorities and remember that you have *A* life outside of work. Always make time for your family (especially the kids) and savor life…

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