The gift

What do you give someone who is in hospice?

I thought about this as Christmas approaches knowing this is more than likely my father’s last one.  Gifts seem so “immaterial” to me.  We come into this world with nothing and we leave the same except for one thing…memories.

So, I decided my gift for my dad is to simply give him time, time with me, his eldest child…to sit and listen, chat–for him to reminisce about yesterday.

He asks allot for my daughter now and she will be visiting him soon. It’s difficult when family is spread across this nation…getting together for something as so precious and priceless as time makes you regret moving so far away but sometimes life takes us on a different path, far from our roots.

So, dad…I give you a gift of memories and though I cannot give you want I really what…more time I will give you a piece of myself because that is the best present I can think of to give.


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