Sorry I have not posted until now on my blog.  Sometimes life can intervene and you have to set your prorities. My father is in critical condition at a local VA hospital.  Even the doctors there are amazed he has lasted this long with all of his chronic illnesses which include:  Congestive Heart Failure, COPD, Diabities, being septic, having dementia and other infections.  My family and I are meeting with his doctors today to determine what to do:  Hospice or a nursing home because he is at the point now where it is becoming impossible for mom to care for him.

He was discharged from Deaconnes Hospital in Evansville, IN with all these issues and was told they could do nothing more for him. I wonder if it is because he only had Medicare???? I personally thought health care providersare taught to “do no harm” with their patients. Maybe this ethical code simply applies to individuals who have the “good” insurance.

So, I made the decision to drive my parents to Chicago which is an 8 hour drive so that they can be near family. There are issues going on in their lives that made it imperative we leave Indiana.  And because of the stress I am now sick along with my mother.  Sometimes I wonder how much God makes us go through, testing our faith because I am quite angry with Him right now but know I will eventually have to come around….but at least let me be angry for now.


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