A blessing in disguise

I have to retake the Army fitness test because last month I failed the 2 mile run by 1 minute.  I don’t know whether to laugh or cry over this but know it has to be rectified if I wish to reenlist.  So the last month I have been running thinking we were retaking the test this drill weekend (because it was on the schedule) however due to being out in the field for weapons qual. and today was our Sustained Readiness Program (SRP)…love them military acronyms we didn’t (obviously) have the test.  This program includes medical readiness:  immunizations, height/weight, EKG and cholesterol (for those of us over 40 cough cough), dental (again no cavities, never had them), updating familial medical history, any changes in our medical condition…basically ensuring we are on the high and ready for Uncle Sam and deployment.

LOVE this photo!

But the point of THIS post (because I can ramble) is that am given almost two MORE months to continue get into shape for the fitness test and be able to reenlist up to my retirement.  🙂

But it’s good to be home on my couch after being out and about working for my rich Uncle this past weekend. Makes me appreciate the “creature comforts.”


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