Got this huge urge to accomplish some big goals…1.) to pass my Army fitness test so 2.) I can re-enlist and then 3.) go to Warrior Leadership School (WLC) so that 4.) I can put in for my Warrant Officer packet. Need some motivation.

Goals are needed to keep us moving forward..to keep that hope inside…I have always been goal oriented…wow ever since I was a kid.  I knew what I wanted all my life and as stubborn as I can be, well–I made almost all of my dreams come true.  Sometimes the journey was quite difficult but then I look back and realize if I hadn’t pushed myself as hard as I have I would not have made it this far. I want to be able to look back at my life and feel totally satisfied I have accomplished everything I’ve set out to do.

Why are goals important?

The difference between living a fulfilling life and just living an average life is the quality of the goals you set for yourself.

I began writing down my goals when I was in high school.  Started a journal and crossed out about 90% of them.

Find your passion and run with it….and see it through to the end…..


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