Courage comes in many forms…

One of them is speaking in front of a group of people.

I never liked public speaking…but what is quite ironic since the 2nd grade I dreamt of being a teacher and have degrees that were shaping me into becoming a professor.

Though family obligations prevented me from pursuing my Ph.D. I still have the “itch” to instruct others. And my OIC at my unit thought my idea of creating classes (for intel and first aid are great ideas).

My present job mirrors this passion…and reminds me why I need to continuously practice patience.

For it is indeed a virtue.

And at times I have to delve deep inside of myself to continue this practice because I wonder how some individuals have lasted as long as they have in the profession they chose to call their career without learning some of the basics of the skills required.

Oh yeah…it’s the government…federal at that–

How I soon forget.

So courage is not simply facing danger but to find the patience to keep together team cohesiveness…learning to not pick a fight, to not put someone down, to not simply turn them in when they decide that their lack of initiative is simply well…a way of life.

And courage comes in facing the inevitable when it comes to a sick parent…knowing that they live in pain, daily. Courage is allowing your children to pursue their dreams even though those dreams do not match your own.

Courage is signing up again for another year knowing deployment is a real possibility.

Courage is opening up your arms to someone who needs a good heartfelt cry…

Courage comes in many forms……

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