Age is relative

Last night after drill I attended a friend’s promotion party and had the opporunity to spend part of the dinner talking to a sweet lady who is 91 year’s old.  She is quite fiesty and reminds me of myself and I had a flashforward seeing how I might be at that age (if am graced with good life and longevity as many of my maternal family members have had, including my 90 year old grandmother.)

I enjoy talking/listening to the elderly. I think our society discounts what this segment of our society has to say.  When I worked at Catholic Charities through the AmeriCorps-Vistawith the Faithful Friends program I had the opportunity to meet many of our senior citizens in Saint Louis.  They simply want someone to talk to and sadly allot of them do not receive much vistors (home and at senior facilities).  Who knows what the history is behind some of this but in the end we all have to try and find forgiveness since we too will grow old.

I digress, but this post is to simply state that yes indeed, age is relative, just because you see a senior, don’t discount them…learn.  They also lead very fruitful lives with family, friends, hobbies, part time jobs you name it–most have simply slowed down the pace than what we hurried Americans are used to, but take a chance and when you see one, say “hello”..never know what you might learn. 🙂

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