Thoughts on deployment

Next few days I will find out when….I think about my daughter, will she be ok when am gone? I have asked my parents to stay a few months since dad is retired. I think about his health also. Always touch and go with him. Will he still be ok while I am gone?

And I think of mom…she has shouldered so much these past few years with dad’s illnesses. God bless her.

And being the ever lovin’ Virgo that I am I already have a mental list of things to do for my daughter while I am gone and things that will not happen. Numbers I need to jot down…creating my will. Many thoughts tumbling around in this head.

And even if I am not picked to go this time around I know I will be next time. As an intelligence analyst the MOS is always needed during times of conflict. And being a Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) leaders are always wanted.

And once I know my time frame a part of me is going to enjoy the simplest of things that I previously took for granted. I have taken to watching people and how lucky they are knowing they can look forward to the next day without trepidation. And right now the skies seem bluer, the air fresher as I soak in everything I can before my life takes on a new path….

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