Back in the saddle so to speak…

I have been exercising for my PT test for hmmm…the last couple of weeks. I have gotten my run down to the point where there is rhythm and breathing “coordination”.  Trust me…running is simple NOT my forte.  However, with the support of a fellow co-worker (who is retired Air Force) and my “quest” to get into the best shape possible for so many reasons I am practically ecstatic for where I am taking myself.

My "future" abs.....

It is difficult to get back into the saddle when it comes to exercise.  I think our society perpetuates laziness (outside of the 9 to 5) when it comes to staying healthy. Am not simply talking about body with rock hard abs and sculpted arms but to watch what you get off that couch and simply DO something.

Crap man, life is s.h.o.r.t…do something with it and well, with me it’s the military and being healthy. 

But to get to that point can be difficult. What with the tele (I do love it) and well, the many fast food options it can become a hard go “at”– it to really find that fire within to do well.  Finding that goal…something that you have a passion for…well, it could get you (or rather me) off of that couch and follow those dreams.


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