America the beautiful…

 Some of us find purpose in a cause greater than ourselves whether it be for charity, for our children, family, job, our country. Mine is for my country. This past Labor Day weekend when I was traversing across this grand nation and checking out the people passing me by (I know I was going at least 80mph and people were even passing me at that!) anyway, I was thinking about how diverse America is. How special. I feel truly blessed to have been born and raised in this nation of flavors.


With all the America bashing on the news regarding the media, the wars (now war), oil spills, our vast consumption of fossil fuels I still find it an honor to be living here. I always felt America was the grandest experiment of cultures/religions and creeds this world has to offer.

 Do I get angry at how bipartisan our government is?

Of course….

And do I want change?

Indeed….but in order for the government to change we the people need to find that fire within us to instigate such change. Of course in a peaceful manner, that is what separates us from other countries who use force to usurp their governments. I believe Senators and Congressman should have set term limits, I think it is important for all parties involved to find a consensus in dealing with today’s issues. I digress but all in all I have to say that I am proud to be an American and am grateful for all the opportunities that were made available to me and one of them was to serve this grand nation.


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