A new lifestyle

Am tired of feeling tired…you know body aches, constant fatigue, a sluggishness which seems to never wear itself off.  I read about how families who are predisposed to such disease as diabetes our bodies can become “sluggish” due to the inability to process all those carbs/sugars.

So, I am going to try to change my eating habits…hard I know when you are practically slapped in the face with monstrous portions of food at restaurants, the commercials (you know the ones that come on late at night when you are craving something sinful???) Been there and already done that a thousand times.

So I decided along with having to keep in shape for the reserves I want more energy (so I CAN stay in shape) and to simply feel alive.  Been reading up a bit on low carb and though some say this is a diet you cannot always stick to and can gain the weight right back right now I need a pick me up like nobody’s business. And I need to have the energy and motivation to stay in shape for so many many reasons.


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