Another birthday is about to creep up on me and I think about an old Oakridge Boys’ song:  Ozark Mountain Jubilee and this stanza sticks out for me:

‘Cause I’ve been gone too long
Oh how the years have flown by
Oh how I’ve realized
How much of me is gone.

And I think back on the last 24 years of the journey I made, adventures I found myself in and realized bits and pieces of myself were left behind.  I met some interesting characters, people I know I will never cross paths with again but know…deep down where it counts that what they said to me, their actions…will live deep within me until the day I die.

I remember the shy little girl who hid behind her mother’s “skirt”…afraid to venture forth in this brave new world…and boy did I surprise quite a few people.

I reflect back on my decisions, good and bad–on the love I was blessed to receive and ultimately lost…and realize that a piece of me will live on in the lives I have touched…for better or worse we each leave a little piece of ourselves in this journey we call life until at the end we realize that a big piece of ourselves is gone……………………….

…………….or is it?


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