New kid on the block

In-processing at my new unit.  It has been interesting to say the least. Everyone is quite friendly. Downside is most people have been deployed so you feel like the “odd man out” when you don’t have a deployment patch on your right arm.

Everyone was wonderful (knock on wood this continues)….but still exhausting since I laid awake since 3am worried.

That’s what I get for not drinking my hot toddy lol.  Am also putting in for my officer packet this coming year (knock on wood) just have to get in bad ass shape for it.  Which, since now I have a GOAL that I WANT….I will be diligently following this golden path with fervor.  Am a quite the goal oriented person.  I have to have something to strive for and frankly, exercise doesn’t top my list (though it should)….just knowing I have the opportunity to do this means so much to me.

I enjoy serving…the military is part of my identity, I feel honored to wear the uniform..knowing the history which goes into each and every one.  I have no qualms belonging to such an elite force as the US military and hope to remain for many years to come.


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