Arguing for the sake of it

Do you know people (and am sure you do) who argue incessently…it’s practically a compulsion…or worse…as if they need to argue because it becomes a sick fix.

We all know them (even in relationships/marriages) you wince when they put down their partner or when you sigh in resignation when they want to include themselves in whatever outing you and your other (non-argumentative) friends….are up for—and the excursion becomes a test of wills (if their partner come along)….come on people……..

Look, there is nothing wrong with a healthy argument but when someone argues to 1.) prove their point in such a anal (Neanderthal) way or 2.) they argue because of intense insecurity…it becomes blasé.

I am the first one to cheer on sticking to your guns when it comes to a point however, when does the point become mute (or lost) when the person on the receiving end (ouch) loses touch with what you are saying or becomes (hmmmm) shall we say defensive? I will never understand couples who seem to nit pick at one another.  It seems to become well, a force of habit.  How sad is that?

Learn to argue in a constructive manner…find a mutual solution and if you cannot—after analyzing all angles…let it go. As long as the issue isn’t jeopardizing the relationship…let it go………….


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