an analyst at heart

Every since a child I was quietly analyzing my world…people’s actions, their words, sights, sounds, smells….wondering why I was put on this planet. Since the age of I would say 5 (yes 5) I had such an active taste for this world.

I don’t know why…can’t pinpoint exactly what spurred my childlike curiosity.  I simply knew I had to soak in everything I could because who knew if such an event would come my way again.  And as I analyzed people’s actions/reactions around me, made me wonder why certain people acted the way they did…with cruelty (growing up mix in a town where people did not necessarily like it) was difficult. But…things like that only made me stronger.

In the military I wondered about my place within it…where I would be going…if I would survive basic training or being sent off to Korea.  And when I did I was astounded at myself.  🙂 A shy gal from Indiana did it!

And as I grow older, looking back at being a daughter, sister, mother, soldier I hope I did a good job…did the best I could because it’s important to make the most of our lives…to give it 200% and simply…enjoy the journey….

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