Exercise! Exercise!!

One thing I hate about exercise is the starting point. Once you “fall off the wagon” it is hard to get back on. I was diligent with working out and losing 50 pounds and trust me, this little lady does NOT want to gain any of that back!

My agency does have a free gym (weights, treadmills, weight machines you name it) but it’s small…But here we go now…it’s free. Just need to get back on…would be better to share it with someone who has the same intensity, passion and desire for health and beauty as I do. 🙂

He could be my “divine” inspiration………..


One thought on “Exercise! Exercise!!

  1. oh, don’t start!! i need to excercise badly! it’s such a good habit, but you are so right, the hardest part is to start. I need to join a gym, since it’s too hot, even at night to go jogging. My husband gets memberships for only 10 a month through the fire department. My body needs it, i miss being toned and basically feeling better physically and mentally, let me know how it goes and please send me a kick in the butt to get started.

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