Meant to be tamed?

For those of us who did not take the marriage route (2.5 children, house in the suburbs and the soccer van) are we less valuable to society than the married types…those of us who chose a different albeit at times lonely path, is it really all that lonely? (or perhaps it’s all about perspective……yeah baby)

Perhaps we simply never met the right person who was brave enough to compliment our vagabond souls.

I always strongly felt that if you have nagging doubts about a relationship (when there are far more negatives outweighing the good stuff)…it’s your gut telling you “something ain’t right girlfriend.”

Do we want to be rescued?  Is there a nagging evolutionary need for women to developed a learned-helplessness?

Did all those movies of damsels in distress ruin it for the rest of us independent types? Or have our expectations for the perfect Mr. or Mrs. Right” ruined it for everyone else? (hmmm)

Or maybe…simply…we weren’t meant to be tamed.


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