Traveling etiquette

I have literally been flying my entire life. Since I was approximately 1 year of age.  I have come to realize that some people feel that they are entitled to act like a jack ass when traveling.  Like this morning for instance.  I have been up since 3am and hate flying anyway…well–since 9/11 I have.

I sat in my seat and was minding my own business when one of the passengers who came to sit right beside me acted like the airline should cater to him….including the passengers who were sitting next to him. Never mind that it’s early (flight left at 6:3oam) and most people want to sleep and not deal with any diva drama.  I had my sunglasses and with my non-verbals put them on to go to sleep which also signaled to this irritating man to leave me alone.

fly the friendly skies

I guess he didn’t get the hint because he proceeded to lecture the passenger beside him how I must be anti-social and should transfer to 1st class with my attitude.  Well, after that remark I did get a WTF attitude and pretty much put him in his place for bothering me when I was so ever kind to not even bother him except to say a courteous “hello” when he came to sit down.

Then he proceeded to annoy the stewardress and I was like hmm…obviously this man has issues.

So when you travel bring a pair of sunglasses. They help to deter further annoying intrusions on your trip if confronted by a diva….and if you are one of those inconsiderate passengers who 1.) invade another passenger’s space or 2.) think that the passenger next to you simply has to hear everything you have to say..think again….some of us simply want to sleep and get to our destination.


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