waiting for the final round from the surgeon general for the head nod to transfer to the Army Reserves.
Waiting to find out what the strokes have done to my father’s memory.

Waiting for my promotion.

Is waiting a hassle?  Makes one reflect?

William James, the noted philosopher observed:   “Boredom results from being attentive to the passage of time itself.

How much time in our lives do we waste waiting for something to happen?  Are you the type of person that obssesses about the “what if” or “when?”  In the American culture we have collectively grown up with the premise that we deserved to be served NOW.  And this transfers to other aspects in our lives:  personal relationships, our jobs, retirement.   And becoming anxious about the expectations seems to cause us to feel the wait becomes suddenly intolerable.

Don’t waste your life away simply by waiting on the sidelines for life to happen. Enjoy it and if there is nothing you can do to change the circumstances, either change them yourselves and if you cannot change it then learn to have patience…for indeed patience is a priceless virtue.