Missouri Bootcamp for women

Call me crazy (no. don’t) I decided to sign up for a free workout.  I am ready to get my butt in gear. I have been out of the exercise loop for a few months. Though I am not overweight I really want to push myself and being part of a bootcamp environment is exactly what this Latina needs.  I am used to being pushed mentally and physically by an outside force (blame the Army)…so this venue is perfect for me!

From th website:

• Women who want a fitness “jump-start”: If you were once very active and fit and had that fantastic, firm, feminine and fit body, but got caught up in professional or domestic responsibilities and sort of “lost your way” – now you can get that jump start you need to get back on track…and stay there. Nothing can get you off to a faster and more certainly positive start than St. Louis Fitness Results Boot Camp for Women. (This is what I need because I was active most of my life and need that motivational kick start to get me back on track)….and I will do this.


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