Life or something like it…

Is it something about turning 4o that makes a bunch of us rethink our value or at least our place in the world?  Is it the proverbial mid-life crisis in which many a’sitcom has been based upon (think of Married with Children (gag) or Everybody Loves Raymond) or even the jocular humor of Family Guy…our society always seems to tongue in cheek middle-age. But really isn’t it all about perspective?

My family (at least mom’s side) is known for it’s longevity. We easily can reach our 90’s without batting an eye.

Yet am sure as a lot of you 30 and 40 somethings out there are currently experiencing a twinge of angst knowing that in a few years we will be labeled as “senior citizens”.

Age is just a number as long as you continue to have a zest for life, that you create meaning and enjoy the moments.