The Long-Term Relationship Rut

I read an interesting article on CNN regarding couples who decide to live together instead of getting married.

Hannah Seligson’s book, “A Little Bit Married.” explores monogamous couples who have been together a year or more.  An interesting behavior she brings out regarding unmarried couples is that they tend to display martial behavior in every way. The only thing lacking is are the “I do’s.”

What makes a person decide to live together and opt out of actually traveling down the legal relationship road together?

For some, I believe, marriage means having to wrap up all our niceties in one legal bundle (checking/savings accounts, home, and other material assets.  Some individuals who are in a long-term relationship are in it because they are expecting marriage down the road (and boy are some of them in for a surprise).

I disagree with her comment that all men want to get married and they simply are waiting to make enough money to get married. I believe there are people out there (including women) who simply do not want marriage. Now breaking this down into percentages for both genders would be interesting indeed.

I don’t believe in marrying for the sake of it. There are plenty of couples who marry for the wrong reasons and get a divorce.  Marry because you are compatible, that you have similar interests…and in regards to common goals, the big ones are raising kids, finances, and religion or beliefs.  Love is the nice bow over everything.


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