Owning a dog…

…has it’s ups and downs…the potty training–oh boy…don’t get me bitching started on the accidents.  Of course I praise my soon to be 5 month old Cairn:

The barking…well right now am teaching her to have an “inside voice” and it is working insofar.  She also has the energy of a 2 year old with the same curiosity.  All in all though I am handling it well…..because this dog is giving me unconditional love and really these days that type of devotion is hard to find.

So bring it on baby!

Feeling my way around…

….Saint Louis

I happened upon Meet Up which is a social networking site (free to sign up btw) because I am tentatively reaching out to the community to find like-minded people with the same like-minded interests….Sadly I haven’t found anything yet for military members (or those interested in the military) but hopefully someone would be so kind to direct me to a local group where I can join.

There are many choices from canoeing to volleyball to singles groups. Whatever tickles your fancy I highly recommend checking them out.