Us vs. Them

Since 9/11 there has been this type of mentality from Muslims to Christians, Middle Easterners and “The West”.  We are seeing it in the depictions of Mohammad in drawings, Draw Mohammad Day” along with the usual bombing attempts, priests in the news, the Vatican you name it…..  The Forum I belong to, English Sabla is currently having a heated debate regarding one Western member, Jack, who has been banned for a month due to numerous infractions for crossing the line regarding Islam.  I decided to post a thread in regards to this because it’s more than simply an issue of banning Jack, it’s about this mentality of taking sides (one’s own) and bashing the other (you can check out this thread here):

I think it’s more than just about Jack here and this is why we are getting so many postings and views on this thread. It isn’t JUST about Jack as to why I decided to post this thread. It’s about the attitudes in general here as to how religion is attacked and unlike Jeff I DO take offense at my religion being attacked saying priests go around chasing little boys because not all are like that same as not all Muslims go around bombing everything different than themselves. He just became the “martyr” if you will for what is going on in this forum of the Us against Them Mentality, West against Middle East, Christian against Muslim and as TTT stated if foreigners are not welcomed or to be respected here then let it be an all Muslim forum and if we are accepted into this online family then try to understand us. I joined because I want to understand Islam and I want to understand Middle Easterners.

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