I WISH I had the energy of my puppy

After I gave Wendy a bath she started zooming all round the first floor of my townhome like a wound up toy.  I am like ??? where in the world can I get that in a pill?

The hardest part in all of this is of course the potty training.  Right now it seems a hit or miss thing. I try to time it every two hours but sometimes she catches me by surprise and I end up stepping into a wet puddle. Yeah gross.

But when you have ceramic tile sometimes it is a hit or miss as far as where you are going and she is as quick as lightening when it comes to emptying that bladder or doing errrr….#2.  I am getting her to go in the same area to “potty” so that her scent is already there.
Ahhh the things we write on our blogs…..isn’t it grand??


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