Crate Training

I have begun crate training Wendy.  On the occasions when I took her out she did “her business” and trust me, it was like winning the lottery. I think the key is to be consistent with the training and with the timing of when you take your puppy out. So I take Wendy out in the morning after she eats and let her run around a bit before putting her in. When I am at work (thankfully) my daughter will assist in the training while she is out from college.  In the meantime I crate my Cairn after she has been playing/socializing for an hour then I take her “potty” after a couple of hours for play. Read on this site that bladder control depends on it’s age and since Wendy is 4 months old I take her every four hours.  Now when I crated her this morning after some play she began this little whine (which she has not done before) but I ignored it and it stopped.

"Welcome home Wendy!"

This shall prove to be an interesting journey but one I fully intend to see through…..


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