This is my 4 month old Cairn Terrier. I bought her from Posh Puppies.  When we went into the reception room to meet Wendy she was very friendly, funny, and excited.  A little clown.  Her energy was abounding and would calm down a bit when I held her.  When we were bringing her home she sat like a little princess on my daughter’s lap.  Did not hear a peep out of her. And she is not much of a barker.  Curious though…and sweet. Ultra loveable.  I went to Wally World and bought her a pet taxi, baby gate (so she would not climb the stairs with those short legs), some toys, a pooper scooper (this mama is NOT touching that stuff if I can help it), teething bones, and some plastic baggies when I have to pick up “that stuff”.  Now am the last one of my immediate family to own a terrier. Brother has a Wheaton, sister 3 Yorkies, mom and dad a Scottish and now me with a Cairn.  The circle is complete: 



UPDATE:  Her first night home she was an angel…did not yap or whine when she went to bed.  She stayed in her crate and slept like a baby, mom however ended up with insomnia because she thought the dog would hate her first might away from what was previously familiar. Now for potty training…..


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